5 Creative Ways to Consume CBD

The explosion in CBD products across the world has created a plethora of wacky ways to consume cannabidiol.
Here are Green Screen's top five imaginative ways to consume CBD.
1: CBD suppositories. Yep, you read that right, why just use your mouth to consume stuff.
Vaginal and anal suppositories cut out the middle-man-or-woman, so to speak. At first glance the CBD suppositories might look like a headline grabbing product but the science backs up this mode of entry.
Vaginal and anal suppositories are not digested and get CBD into the system quicker than anything taken orally. The effects can be felt within 10 to 15 minutes and can last up to eight hours.
2: CBD toothpaste. Anyone who wants to flash their gnashers with a bit of panache can clean their pearly whites with CBD toothpaste. This summer New York based AXIM Biotechnologies released mouthwash and toothpaste infused with cannabis.  AXIM uses the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBG in its products. And AXIM claims their products even work as a bone stimulant and can repair damaged teeth.
3: CBD Lube. Why not bring CBD into the bedroom, and we are not talking about hemp sheets either. Sex sells. And CBD lubes became a lot more popular after Daddy Issues podcast host Dean McDermott boasted he and wife Tori Spelling use the sex aid every day. Unsurprisingly there is a lot of anecdotal evidence, cringe, about how great CBD lube is but scientific boffins are yet to nail their colours to that particular mast. 
4: Bugger Off. Bravo to whoever at Felix and Ambrosia decided to call their CBD hand sanitizer Bugger Off. It is probably more to do with getting rid of bugs than the British use of the word bugger, but bugger me, what a great name. 
5: CBD for pets: Hey, give your dog a chill pill, man. The CBD pet product industry now coins in an estimated $200,000,000 across America, and is growing in the UK too. Anxious dogs were the first to be targeted by the marketing men and now all our furry friend seem to be catered for. Denver's Dixie Brands sells products Calm and Quiet, Up and Moving and Stop the Itch are now sold in hundreds of US stores.

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