A CBD User’s Guide to Corona

Don’t buy unproven Corona virus treatments

Population panic is a scammer’s perfect market, £50 paper masks you say? Bargain!

Given the hype around CBD, prepare to hear unfounded claims about its effect on Corona virus. Beware social media, these claims are entirely unverified.



You don’t need to be told how to wash your hands by a cannabis company, but maybe don’t share that vape…


Have a self-quarantine plan

The UK plans to cultivate a herd immunity. This will manage the virus in the long-term, but in the short term, it’ll suck.

The government are planning on 60% of us becoming infected, are you feeling lucky?  

Have your essentials to hand and order online for anything not available nearby (yes, Greenscreen delivers…).


Don’t panic!!!

You’ll still be able to get good quality, lab tested CBD products. Imports may be effected in the short term, but luckily we have loads of products here in the UK, and don’t worry, Greenscreen is always here!


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