Apple to Ban Vaping Apps

Apple's arbitrary decision to ban vaping apps has spooked CBD companies who are worried about the precedent.
More than 180 vaping apps were removed from the store after Apple decided vaping was dangerous. 
The company cited US research which actually had blamed fake vape products for a recent spate of deaths.
But with hundreds of CBD apps offering advice, information and sales there are serious concerns about how Apple can simply shut down access to an industry it deems unhealthy.
One CBD company CEO, who does not want to publicly criticise Apple, told Green Screen: "The vaping app ban is a wake up call for every company involved in the CBD industry and other sectors which are have different legal statuses in different countries. 
"The fact that alcohol has killed more people than vaping ever has or will but seems safe as houses in Apple is something to think about."
He added: "The massive market share Apple has when it comes to mobile phones and apps and their propensity to disapprove of certain products means that companies like ours cannot rely on them anymore. 
"What other business model would you rely on another company which can at any moment remove your access to market?" 
There are several wildly popular apps which promote both cannabis and CBD products. 
1: Massroots claims to have one million registered users and shares information about cannabis strains to how CBD can treat ailments and diseases. Massroots allow marijuana dispensaries, which are legal in several US states, to sell their wares on the app.
2: The New World Health Brands app believes consumers “have the right to high quality, accurately labeled, and fairly priced CBD and CBD derivatives.” App users can set up their own account where they get the latest information about new products and deals.
3: Growbuddy is an American app which helps people grow marijuana at home. This type of overt helping hand for growing drugs would have been unthinkable even a decade ago, but thanks to several US states legalising cannabis makes this app not out of the ordinary. 

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