Can I take CBD on a flight?

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Can you travel with CBD?

CBD is legal in the UK so long as it doesn’t contain any THC. But can you take CBD on a flight? 

Often, yes. But sometimes, no.

Can I take CBD on a flight?

Step 1 - make sure that CBD is legal in the country you're flying out of (you may have brought some into a country where it is illegal by accident). 

Step 2 - check whether CBD is legal in the country you’re flying into. Simplest way is google, “is cbd legal in [enter country name]” - 9 times out of ten, this will give you the answer straight away. If that doesn't work, use our online chat function, we're here to help!

Step 3 - MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHETHER YOUR CBD PRODUCT CONTAINS THC. This is the tricky part… A large number of CBD products sold in the UK have been found to contain traces of THC even though they claim not to.

ANY TRACE OF THC MAKES THAT PRODUCT AN ILLEGAL DRUG. Transporting illegal drugs between countries can result in prison sentences - don’t risk it!

Luckily for you, all products on Greenscreen are completely THC free - every product on Greenscreen is lab tested and if we see even a single molecule of THC, it is removed from the platform immediately. 

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