Greenscreen to partner with Eurofins Testing lab

With CBD products fast becoming mainstream, a slew of brands are jumping on the bandwagon, with very little regulation. A recent report by the CMC (Centre of Medicinal Cannabis) found that over 60% of UK products studied did NOT contain the CBD content displayed on the label. In fact, one £90.00 product had no measurable amount of the CBD compound at all. Coupled with the fact that some products contained far more than the legal amount of THC (the psychoactive compound of Marijuana), consumers may (justifiably) be sceptical of high street CBD brands.  


But is this an intentional rip-off by CBD brands? Shomi Malik, in an interview with Wired magazine, stated ‘It’s not like people are wilfully doing this, people don’t know what they don’t know’. He argues that the inconsistencies are likely to stem from testing laboratories lack of familiarity with cannabis chemistry. CBD only became legal in the UK last November, and so there is a huge lack of experts on CBD’s unique compounds. This lack of experts is in turn creating a number of labelling errors that are fuelling a mistrust in the market.


Greenscreen are hoping to generate a new wave in the CBD market, by rigorously testing every product that comes on their platform, and translating the test results into layman’s terms for their user base. They have partnered up with Eurofins, a top UK based laboratory who have plenty of expertise in CBD Chemistry, thus reducing the margin of error. Eurofins were already established as a world leader in food, environment, agroscience and pharma product testing, and manage over 800 labs in 47 countries. They have been partnering with CBD brands since the beginning of legalisation, and have a number of experts within their labs. Greenscreen researched over 10 of the top UK laboratories and are confident in Eurofins ability to provide accurate test results for their brands and their user base.  


With the explosion of CBD on the market (revenue has exceeded £300 million in just three years), it is easy to see how the UK regulation has not been able to keep up pace, but the arrival of Gscreen on the market ensures that the consumer is not punished for this lack of turnaround.  

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