How Much Should I Pay For Cbd?

Prices vary widely, but often the actual ingredients remain similar – so why pay more?

Greenscreen Ratings take evaluate every aspect of a CBD product, including how it is priced in comparison to other products that have similar ingredients, delivery methods and strengths (we do the hard work for you!)

But for a little further info, keep reading:

Prices of CBD products range from £10 to over £200. There are many factors that go into the price of a CBD product, including:

  • Strength
  • Form (CBD Oil, CBD Balm, etc.)
  • Quality of CBD Oil
  • Quality of additional ingredients (Organic, Vegan, etc.)
  • Brand

Additionally, due to the legal complexity surrounding the sale and use of CBD oil, the price may vary from brand to brand and country to country. We recommend doing some research and familiarizing yourself with the laws in your state or country before you start using CBD oils for any reason. The best way to determine the cost of CBD oil is to calculate the price per milligram.

It is important to note that a higher price does not necessarily mean a higher quality, but it is also important that you pay attention to the quality of the CBD oil you buy to ensure that you get what you pay for.

It is also worth noting that there have been many high priced CBD Oil products and CBD products in general that justify the price with high CBD contents, however, following testing it has been revealed that many of these products had much less CBD in them than claimed, and in some cases, none at all.

As such, Greenscreen lab tests and verifies every product sold on our platform in order to ensure every product has in it what it claims!

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