New CBD cafe in Swindon is a roaring success

A new CBD cafe in Swindon, Wiltshire, has been branded a roaring success after three months of trading.
Emma Amini and Chris Dale are delighted Total Health Cafe has made a flying start and offer a variety of CBD products and now run workshops about how the products can improve people's wellbeing.
She told the Swindon Advertiser: “It has been really well received. We only did a  small opening because we didn’t want to do something grand and run into difficulties and we wanted to see what the people in Swindon wanted rather than what we wanted.
"People love it they find the products really helpful."
And she is delighted she has been able to help people asking for help with their health.
She said: "For some it’s like a last resort and it’s good to see if it has a little bit of benefit for them because they’ve already tried everything they can.
“A woman came in and she has cerebral palsy and she was with her son who has autism. He goes to the art classes and he finds them really helpful with his condition.
“But she had come here to find something to help her with her condition. And after trying some CBD products she felt she had really relaxed for the first time, which was amazing to see.”
Chris said: “We have been surprised by the response from people in Swindon.
"We’re really excited to be going as smoothly as it is. Everyone has been lovely and kind, we’ve been encouraged by their support to carry on."

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