North Wales Police commissioner demands courts stop persecuting medical cannabis users

A Welsh Police and Crime Commissioner has demanded authorities "stop persecuting sick people for using medicinal cannabis.".
North Wales PCC Arfon Jones made the plea after being "deeply touched" by the battle of 33-year- old Phil James who died from cancer after campaigning legalise medicinal cannabis.
Mr James was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2015 and it dramatically reduced after taking the drug, which he was forced to break the law to use. However, a secondary tumor was found and Phil died earlier this month.
Despite the British Government claiming medicinal cannabis was available on the NHS only two people have been able to use the drug legally.
In a letter to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Mr Jones asked for guarantees sick people using the drug for its palliative effects are not "hauled before the courts", North Wales Live reported.
He said: "Since the legalisation of medical cannabis only two individuals have received an NHS prescription for the drug.
"Unfortunately there are hundreds of individuals in the UK that need medical cannabis to continue to live without pain and enable them to lead a normal life.
"Those who don’t have an NHS prescription are left with two options, the first is to pay for a private prescription and the second is to cultivate cannabis with a risk of receiving a criminal record.
"The cost of a private prescription for medical cannabis can be up to £3,000 a month.
"This is a cost which is impossible to sustain yet these individuals are increasing their debts and using their savings just to live a pain free life and prevent prosecution."
He added: "Individuals are forced to cultivate medicinal cannabis because the UK Government will not support widespread prescribing of pharmaceutical cannabis by the NHS ."

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