Working mothers are the new boom market for CBD products

Working mothers are now being targeted by the CBD industry to further boost the growing sector. 
With the amount of hours worked by mothers increasing over the last 20 years the anxiety quelling benefits of CBD products are being seen as the perfect match for a busy mother's lifestyle.
Consumer brands within the food industry are slowly getting to understand the massive potential of CBD products, Ben and Jerry's ice cream has recently launched a CBD ice cream to prove the point. 
Tamara Barnett, Vice President of Strategic Insights for food research firm The Hartman Group, said: “Attitudes towards alcohol and cannabis are moving in opposite directions, particularly among younger consumers, with growing numbers perceiving cannabis as less harmful and toxic than alcohol.”
Many CBD products were made legal when the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp which saw the giants of the food industry get involved in CBD.
Ms Barnett added: "Food and beverage companies are now including CBD as an ingredient in their products, claiming the active ingredient will help provide balance. 
"Balance” is a dog-whistle word for working mothers. In researching these women, I’ve found that aside from “coping with mom guilt,” “work-life balance” is their top driver.) In general, Brightfield Group also reports significantly more CBD users are female (55%) and living with their spouses or partners (61%)."
Forbes magazine reported this month: "The CBD opportunity for consumer brands could be driven by a couple factors, including the changing consumer perceptions and the shift from other popular coping mechanisms to holistic wellness remedies. 
"For many, the recreational aspects of cannabis are made more permissible by its perceived health and wellness benefits: it is perceived as natural with fewer side effects, an alternative to alcohol and pharmaceuticals, and straddles both alternative and Western medicine as a way to treat physical and mental issues with plant-based 

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