Goodbody Botanics

Goodbody Botanicals is a UK based Distributor & Manufacturer of premium CBD products.

Goodbody Botanicals is owned by Sativa Group PLC, the First UK listed Medicinal Cannabis Company. All Goodbody Botanicals products are manufactured in the UK and fully tested by PhytoVista, an independently managed laboratory currently working to ISO standards.

Goodbody Botanicals operates to the highest regulatory standards and our advisory board includes Professor Clive Page (Professor of Pharmacology at King’s College London). We are also pioneering research into the benefits of CBD on inflammation and respiratory diseases alongside King’s College London.

Goodbody Botanicals are shaping the future of CBD products through innovation and manufacturing and our products are backed up by our 5-star reviews which is testament to our stringent quality control.

Our products are Gluten Free, UK Made and UK Lab Certified. There is a QR code on the side of each pack which you can scan, taking you to their respective lab reports.