Taking natural extracts from the earth, Kaneh have developed a range of unisex skincare products allowing your skin to not only heal from the outside, but create a peaceful balance on the inside. Using the highest efficacy of CBD, the Kaneh skincare range works with the body’s natural system to support the skin’s response, encouraging repair and rejuvenation within the skin.

Kaneh also seek to create an appreciation for the environment in which we live and we make a conscious effort to ensure that all of our packaging is recyclable.
As the first UK branded CBD skincare range, they work directly with scientists in Europe to ensure that we bring you the best quality skincare products, using the highest-grade CBD oil grown in organic soil from Slovenia.

Kaneh have over 30 years experience within the skincare industry. Their current range includes 7 plant-based products, all of which have been produced under EU GMP and ISO supervision.