About Us.

Gscreen was created to bring simplicity and science to a new and exciting market. We are passionate about the benefits of CBD and have experience in every stage of production. Meet the team below.

Our Mission

We aim to give power back to the consumer by allowing them to understand exactly what goes into their CBD Products, how it's used and where it's from.

Our Merit

We've worked in every stage of the CBD production and distribution process. We know how confusing it can be choosing the right product, and we can also spot the diamonds in the rough!

Our Promise

We'll always remain impartial. Outside of our ongoing work with the government on efficiently regulating CBD; we are also pushing brands to improve their products for you!

Our Story

After working in the industry, we quickly realised that there was no trusted way to verify CBD product ingredients and production methods. We felt it was important in our purchasing decisions, and so would likely be important to others. Chris and Ollie got together to discuss, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Executive Team

Chris Murray


An influencer and creator with history developing business and an unrivalled passion for Greenscreen

Oliver Lamb


Left Morgan Stanley to run Bloom Innovation, now bringing that experience to Greenscreen

Peter Aldis


Ten year CEO of Holland and Barrett with a commitment to shape the vision of Greenscreen


Roxana Jafari

Product Lead

MSc Digital Service Design. Passionate about the psychology of technology and all things UX.

Mike Kryzwinski

Tech Lead

A full stack developer and Jedi level coder. Well versed at developing online retail platforms

Sam Woodcock

Creative Lead

Shillington Design School graduate. Love for designing media that delights and intrigues

Jim Friedlander

Senior Advisor

Harvard Law alumnus with 50 years’ experience in finance, development and investment law

We're always adding to our team! If you're interested in working with us email info@gscreen.co.uk